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Graphic design is all around you
Do you have a message or a product you want people to notice?
Or are you trying to communicate an idea in a visual way (maybe not your shopping list – unless you are feeling really creative) then you’ll be using graphic design to get your message across.


Graphic design is all about solving problems visually
I use text, illustrations, symbols, photography, textures and colours to create print and web-based design for a variety of customers. Essentially I’m a problem-solver (which is where my logo idea came from). Posters, leaflets, magazines & logos and of course this website … all rely on effective design to get the user’s attention and if you are reading this, I must be doing something right.


Graphic design is about communication
Making designs that look great on the page is nice, but one of the most important parts of the design process happens even before we put pen to paper, listening to and interpreting what you, the client needs. Once this has been established we can work together to find the best way to visually communicate your message in the most positive way.
So if you need a new logo or business card or maybe a leaflet or poster and feel you could use me, then why not get in touch.