If you already have a WordPress website and are in need of someone to help
fix or maintain it, I would be very happy to take this work on for you.

General Maintenance

Regular updating of plugins, themes and content can not only reduce the chance of your website being hacked, but helps keep your users engaged in your site. I offer a monthly package to take care of all this should suit most budgets.

Product Updates

If you need to add a lot of products to your e-commerce site in a hurry, I can help automate this for you. Alternatively if you prefer for me to provide the service of uploading new products on an ongoing basis, I am very happy to do this also.

Design Changes

As your business develops sometimes the design of your website needs to develop also and certain pages might need to change. If you need WordPress design changes to suit your business changes then please get in touch.


Search Engine Optimisation

Although Google is usually responsible for 95% of your organic website traffic, SEO is not just about being found for the right keywords but also for the locations you cover. It’s just as important to tell Google about the areas you work in.

Additional Functionality

If your website is lacking a certain type of functionality that your business now requires, such as a booking calendar, contact form, automated e-mail or subscriptions, I am happy to help so please get in touch with me today.


Content Updates

Websites need to keep their content fresh and up to date in order to stay relevant. If you struggle to keep updating your website I am very happy to make these updates and changes for you on an hourly rate.

How much does good support cost?

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